Philips DFM 100 Defibrilatör
Philips DFM 100 Defibrilatör
Effi cia DFM100 defi brillator/monitor
To deliver high levels of care, you need to make quick, informed decisions –
at the scene of an emergency and across the entire course of treatment.
You need your equipment to be easy to use as you care for a patient, monitor
developments in the patient’s condition during transport to the hospital, and
as you care for your patient in the hospital. We designed the Effi cia DFM100
defi brillator/monitor so you can meet the demands of patient care in the
pre-hospital and hospital environment effectively and consistently. With
fi eld-proven Philips technology, the Effi cia DFM100 offers core functionality
with a scalable feature set and improved cost of ownership, allowing you
to enhance patient care, no matter where the patient is located