Philips FM 20 Fetal Monitor
Philips FM 20 Fetal Monitor
The Philips Avalon FM20 fetal monitor offers a
reliable, cost-effective, high-performance solution
for external fetal monitoring needs in clinics and
hospitals, doctors’ practices and private households,
from pre-natal check-ups to antepartum monitoring
of high-risk pregnancies.
With a cutting-edge feature set, including advanced
transducers, external triplets monitoring, high
quality signal processing, and a touchscreen
interface, the Avalon FM20 sets new standards for
performance, flexibility, convenience, and ease of
The new Smart Pulse measurement integrated in
the Toco transducer simplifies monitoring. Without
an additional sensor the maternal pulse rate is
monitored and continuously compared with the
heart rate from the fetal sensor (cross-channel
An optional Non-Stress Test (NST) report
software eases documentation in antepartum
The battery option gives monitoring flexibility e.g.
for in-house transport or bridging mains power